Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lovely Villas and Condos in Punta Mita

Punta Mita is a wonderful area in the northern tip of Nayarit about an hour from Puerto Vallarta. In this exclusive gated community you will find luxury condos, up-scale villas, the St. Regis hotel, and the Four Seasons hotel. Even though this is a much more expensive option for travel than the Puerto Vallarta area - it is still surrounded by a quaint town of cute restaurants and beachfront bars and lots of surfers.

Here are a list of Villas and Condos that we currently rent in the Punta Mita area and want to highlight them here since visitors to the Puerto Vallarta area often are unfamiliar with this lovely area that might be more suited to their vacation desires.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Andale! In a word = FUN!

Andale - as a Bar / Nightlife

Since the very first time we happened upon entering the doors of Andale and sitting up at the bar - innocently just to have a cocktail after dinner one evening many years ago - our nightlife in PV was changed forever.  We completely fell in love with the most bizarre, unique, fun, thoroughly entertaining bar we have ever been to.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fajita Republic - Romantic Zone Puerto Vallarta

We have passed by this restaurant many times - not sure exactly why - but maybe since it seemed more 'chain-ish' than others along the strip - since each other one here is unique and individually owned.

Our last visit to PV we decided to dine here since Fajitas are my husbands favorite Mexican dish.  He and I each ordered a plate of fajitas and our friend ordered (of all things) ribs.

My fajitas were the 'Presidente' - which was a combo of beef, chicken and shrimp.  The meats were all very tasty.  My one complaint is that I only received 3 shrimp.....  disappointing.  I did receive some grilled veggies but minimal - which seems to be expected in PV.  The tortilla shells were the hit of the dinner.  Super thin but super good.  Probably the best tortillas I have had.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Andale - as a Restaurant

For the past 8 years we have dined at numerous restaurants in the Romantic Zone and afterward would mosey on over to Andale - the crazy unique bar with a wonderful playlist of my favorite dance songs and one of a kind music only found here. Even though we knew they served food and had noticed the 2 stories above the bar where we would see people dining we never really considered Andale an option for dinner.

Well all that has finally changed.  We decided recently that we did need to dine here and try out the food.  And boy oh boy - what a pleasant surprise.  It was really really good!

I had the Swordfish which was served over rice with julienned vegetables.  I had the lime, garlic, butter sauce and it was delicious!!

Swordfish over rice with Julienne Veggies

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Embarcadero Restaurant - Romantic Zone - Old Town

As we set out as we do most evenings in Puerto Vallarta in search of food - we head for a bus and then head to Old Town, aka Romantic Zone.  We bypass the downtown, Malecon area.  Personal preference but we just like Old Town much more.

Since we always think we have already been 'everywhere' in PV Jeff decided to take a peek at Trip Advisor for someplace 'new'.  Of course there were tons of 'new' (to us) places we had yet to dine at.  He had 2 places jotted down so we headed out.

We decided upon a very new (literally) small seafood restaurant directly across from the renowned and very popular Archie's Wok - Embarcadero ........

As you are walking towards the beach and you see this sign - go in - you will love your meal!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lunch at the St. Regis - Punta Mita

While visiting Punta Mita recently we had the opportunity to dine at the St. Regis outdoor restaurant poolside.  The view of the bay was beautiful and the food very good.

The menu was pretty extensive for a lunch menu.  There were traditional Mexican fare like fish tacos, variety of salads, and full course meals if you desired.  We opted for the brick-oven-pizza since our friends had heard it was very good.  There was 4 of us dining so we ordered one Margarita pizza and one triple cheese with chicken and mushrooms.  Very good and more than enough to eat.  We had 3 slices left over which was packaged up for a snack for later.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Our first time visiting Puerto Vallarta is when we discovered Pipi's..  Located a few blocks up from about the middle of the main part of the Malecon.  We loved it so much we went twice during that first stay.

Since then we have discovered many more Mexican restaruants that we thoroughly enjoy and quite honestly don't go to Pipi's very often anymore.  Not that the food isn't fantastic at Pipi's or the Margaritas aren't delicious and enormous - it is just Pipi's is geared more towards the 'Tourist' and we have become more a 'local' (not really we just come often so we consider ourselves more non-tourists).

Pipi's Sombrero - guaranteed someone in your party will have this on by the time you leave