Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

We had heard for many years that the Botanical Gardens (BG) in Puerto Vallarta were worth the time to go and see. Finally the last time we were in PV we decided to take the trip.

Entrance to the park
We decided to take the bus instead of a taxi since it was cheaper and if we saw someplace interesting along the way we could easily stop and then catch the next bus.  Which was a good choice since we came across Boca de Tomatlan - a small fishing town that provides the water taxi service to Yelapa - and decided this would be a good place to stop for lunch.  (I'll cover this quaint spot in another blog).  After some tasty tacos and Corona's on the beach - we continued on our journey to the BG's.  

The bus ride was a total of maybe 35 minutes.  But keep in mind that is from Old Town Vallarta - not from the Hotel Zone.  You need to get to Old Town to catch this bus south.

We went to BG in November which is considered off-season and not the prime time to go since this is too soon after the rainy season.  However we did find is still charming and full of color and nature and the limited staff were very friendly.

The Gardens are quite large with natural river flowing through it.  This is where ALL the steps you see below led me.  Not sure it was worth it but glad I did it.
Or these were the steps I took to get from the river.  But the point is there are lots of steps and trails - aka lots of walking - so comfy tennis shoes for sure.

This Spider was HUGE!  I hate them but I have to admit I was pretty impressed with this guys web.  Truly a sight to see!  (I made this photo larger than the others so that you can hopefully see the Massive web this spider created.  And this wasn't all of it!!

Workers were all around the Gardens tending to water and care for the plants

This was about half way in and you could have lunch here, use the restrooms, was a gift shop and artifacts.  At the top terrace you could see for miles.  Really lovely up here.

Lots of Aloe

Natural pond

Wild turkeys just walking around...

We even found some interesting Gargoyles decorating the gardens

I just love how these beautiful Orchids are just growing randomly along the path.

Time to go.  Here comes the bus to take us back north to Puerto Vallarta.

I have to say it wasn't overly exciting here but it was pretty and I think in high season when everything is in full bloom it would have been more breathtaking.  It was a nice day trip to break up our vacation and do something different and the bus ride is very picturesque.  I think this is about as far South as you can go and do something and still be considered in Puerto Vallarta.  I would recommend stopping in Boca de Tomatlan for lunch on the way.

Here's a post on Trip Advisor regarding bugs and heat in the Summer - might provide more information if this is the time of year you plan to visit


  1. Looks pretty! I will have to check it out next time I go to Puerto Vallarta. I'm getting the itch, so hopefully we can arrange a trip down there soon.

  2. Posted today on the website:

    Puerto Vallarta’s Botanical Gardens in Top 10 of North America