Saturday, November 23, 2013

Archie's Wok - Puerto Vallarta - Asian Restaurant

Archie's Wok is an unlikely restaurant you would think to go to while in Mexico.  However this Romantic Zone mainstay is in a word - Wonderful.  Locals and Tourists alike love to dine here.  The Asian inspired dishes are impeccably created and you get generous portions. 

Each menu cover is unique in that local children color them for the restaurant.

I had the 'Catch of the Day' which just so happened to be Mahi-Mahi and I believe is always Mahi-Mahi - but that is ok since it is very good.  It is prepared - char-broiled, basted in  homemade teriyaki sauce served with broiled pineapple and gingery stir-fried vegetables.

Mahi-Mahi - Grilled Pineapple - sauteed vegies

Jeff had the 'Singapore style Fish' - prepared lightly fried in beer batter served with pineapple-guava sweet & sour sauce.

Singapore Style Fish

Our friends had the Drunken Noodles and the other the Thai style spicy Noodles.  I tasted both and they were great.  SO much flavor!  There wasn't any carryout boxes that night.  We all ate every delicious morsel.

Drunken Noodles

Thai Style Spicy Noodles

The signature drink of Archie's is their spicy margarita.  It definetly had a bite to it.  Comes served with a Jalepeno on rim instead of the usual lime garnish of a traditional margarita.  It was a little too spicey for me - but my husband and friends polished off 3 each with no problem :)

Would I go again?  Absolutely!  Should you?  Absolutely!

We met a couple one evening leaving Archie's and asked what they thought and the wife said it was their 3rd  visit that week and she expected they would return again before the week ended.  That's a lot of Asian food - but that indicates how good it is.

Located at:
Phone (322)2220411
Francisca Rodriguez 130, Zona Romantica
Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta Jalisco México

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