Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Embarcadero Restaurant - Romantic Zone - Old Town

As we set out as we do most evenings in Puerto Vallarta in search of food - we head for a bus and then head to Old Town, aka Romantic Zone.  We bypass the downtown, Malecon area.  Personal preference but we just like Old Town much more.

Since we always think we have already been 'everywhere' in PV Jeff decided to take a peek at Trip Advisor for someplace 'new'.  Of course there were tons of 'new' (to us) places we had yet to dine at.  He had 2 places jotted down so we headed out.

We decided upon a very new (literally) small seafood restaurant directly across from the renowned and very popular Archie's Wok - Embarcadero ........

As you are walking towards the beach and you see this sign - go in - you will love your meal!

It is one of the 'sliver' restaurants as I refer to them since they are long and thin barely enough room for 2 tables to line each side.  It was packed and smelled amazing so we entered.  The waitstaff was right on us and brought us water and took our drink order without us having to wait for long at all.  I had a Mango Margarita which was amazing since it was actually made with mango and not a syrup.  Loved it!

We decided on the Mahi Mahi.  I ordered mine in garlic butter sauce and Jeff's was in a Peublo sauce.  The meal was served with rice and fresh vegetables.  The vegies were wonderully spiced and crisply cooked.  The rice was well flavored and very good and the fish - well I have to say that was probably the best piece of mahi-mahi I have had in PV.  (and I have had a lot) REALLY good!

Mahi-Mahi in Garlic Butter Sauce - YUM!!

Mahi-Mahi in super tasty Pueblo Sauce and not too Hot - just right!!

We loved our waiter - Leonardo.  I hope he remains there.  He was very funny and very attentive.  I really appreciate the gesture when he came to us with hand sanitizer just before our meal was served.  That was a nice touch.

And to finish off what had turned out already to be a delightful experience we were each treated to a small slice of key-lime pie for dessert, for free.

Key Lime pie for dessert - on the house - Nice!!

If you can't tell already I would definitely recommend Embarcadero in Old Town if you are looking for a really good meal, reasonably priced.

Fca. Rodriguez #137-B
Col.Emiliano Zapata

This is a Cash Only Restaurant - you can see the sign above the Menu

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