Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Our first time visiting Puerto Vallarta is when we discovered Pipi's..  Located a few blocks up from about the middle of the main part of the Malecon.  We loved it so much we went twice during that first stay.

Since then we have discovered many more Mexican restaruants that we thoroughly enjoy and quite honestly don't go to Pipi's very often anymore.  Not that the food isn't fantastic at Pipi's or the Margaritas aren't delicious and enormous - it is just Pipi's is geared more towards the 'Tourist' and we have become more a 'local' (not really we just come often so we consider ourselves more non-tourists).

Pipi's Sombrero - guaranteed someone in your party will have this on by the time you leave

Pipi's has all the fun and bells and whistles that you want when visiting a great location like Puerto Vallarta.  They make fresh guacamole at your table and may also receive a 'free' appetizer for the table and at times when they play this silly tequila song they will come around and pour tequila directly in your mouth.   So there are perks since it is a bit more pricey than other Mexican restaurants and their Margarita's are expensive but you really only need one.

 I would say it is a definite place to dine if you have never been there since it is lively and fun - just know you may spend a little extra but you get huge portions for food and drink so it all works out.  I would suggest even sharing a meal since they tend if be too much and I usually end up with a doggie bag - which often times ends up being the Taxi driver's dinner since I don't really want to carry it around all night - LOL

Chicken Chimichanga

Chili Rollenos


Enchillada Especial - with spinach and mushrooms and chicken

As you can see the food is more than generous and is really really good!  We all had a to-go box.  After the chips and salsa and guacemole made at the table and on this night we got a free quesadilla appetizzer - by the time the food came we weren't quite as hungry as when we arrived.

Great food, gigantic margaritas, mariachi bands, guacamole at your table, tequila shots in your mouth, etc.  You can not go wrong going to Pipi's - especially with a group.  FUN!!

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