Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fajita Republic - Romantic Zone Puerto Vallarta

We have passed by this restaurant many times - not sure exactly why - but maybe since it seemed more 'chain-ish' than others along the strip - since each other one here is unique and individually owned.

Our last visit to PV we decided to dine here since Fajitas are my husbands favorite Mexican dish.  He and I each ordered a plate of fajitas and our friend ordered (of all things) ribs.

My fajitas were the 'Presidente' - which was a combo of beef, chicken and shrimp.  The meats were all very tasty.  My one complaint is that I only received 3 shrimp.....  disappointing.  I did receive some grilled veggies but minimal - which seems to be expected in PV.  The tortilla shells were the hit of the dinner.  Super thin but super good.  Probably the best tortillas I have had.

Fajita Presidente

Jeff ordered the Chicken Fajitas.  He requested (smartly) extra veggies with his.  He said they were very good but not quite as good as others he has had (namely at Andale during this same visit in PV).

Chicken Fajitas

We shared this tray of goodies to accent our fajitas.  There was guacamole, sour cream, refried beans, rice, salsa and cheese.  We devoured all of it but the rice.

Condiments for our Fajitas

A friend had joined us this evening for dinner and he ordered the Ribs with coconut shrimp.  His criteria was the ribs needed to be tender and fall off the bone.  According to him they were and they did.  The dinner came with coconut shrimp, and baked potato and a small salad.  A lot of food that he had trouble finishing.

Rib dinner with Coconut Shrimp

I would definitely recommend stopping in and eating here.  We really enjoyed it but I can't say it is a restaurant that I will make a point of returning to.  Not that the food wasn't good or the staff very attentive - it just didn't leave me that OMG-this-was-great-I-can't-wait-to-come-back feeling I get at other restaurants.

So - Would I recommend it?  Yes  Would I return?  Maybe - but not because it was bad in anyway - it just lacked the 'wow' factor that would draw me back due to so many other restaurant options all over PV.

Located on the Basilio Badillo - or Restaurant row of Old Town/Romantic Zone.

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